Friday, March 25, 2011

Cold Day

It was a lovely sunny day but cold and a little windy. I have been working on my little goodies for the Womens Lunch  on Tuesday. And my power point for the lunch. An have to put my door prize together when I get home from my in-laws place. My morther in law is out of town for her job. So my hubby and I are hanging out with his Dad and keeping the animals happy and the barn clean.

I been working on some cakes idea for the brides that I am working with to build the dream wedding cakes for the weddings. I love having the food network on with all the yummy shows on and can't for get cake boss or Ace of cakes.  And I cant for get my kitty side kick of the eveing Miss Sadie. She is a lovely, cuddle cat with half an ear. When she looks at you with the big eyes you just want to take her home. I dont think my two cats at home would like that to much.

 Sleepy Sadie

Well thats the lates buzz here for now.
 Chat with you later on.
Happy Baking


  1. Happy to see that Sadie has found a new snuggle partner. :D

  2. Yes she has and I love her, she is a sweet girl...just snuggle in to my legs and stays there for hours...